Plone 1.0 RC1 released!

As Christmas draws closer, we are proud to announce the first Release Candidate for Plone. If we get positive feedback from this release and migrations are smooth - this will be 1.0!

Plone beta 3 released!

The beta 3 release of Plone is out. A lot of bug fixes, internationalization updates, Xopus technology preview, and workflow has been made more robust. Plone developers to attend the Zope 3 Sprint in Rotterdam.

Beta2 Bug Day

October 10, 2002 - 1600 GMT in #plone we will startthe beta2 bug day. This was taken from mail to plone-dev.

Quick Stats

Geoff Davis cooked up mailing list activity stats. Also we havesurpassed 2300 cvs checkins we get something like 4k page viewsa day. I would imagine the PloneWindows installer is going to bevery popular.

Plone goes i18n!

Lalo and Sidnei, two absolutely phenomonial programmers have backported Z3 i18n services to Zope and in the process created their own 'drop-in' versions of ZPT!

Plone-1.0 alpha 3 Released!

We did a major API change. Previous work should be backwards compatible.Please help test and give us your feedback. Hopefully we can get a beta out by the end of this week!

Bug Day 3

Bug Day 3 was announced on short notice. We are going to clean out the collector, add some minor enhancements (possibly) and release a beta of Plone in the following days.

Plone 1.0 alpha2 released

Since CMF 1.3 is released we made this release. This was a quick release that has some "guts lying on the table" but is important for people to give us their feedback. We have cleaned up lots of bugs. You only need CMF 1.3 tarball and Plone now. No more CVS chasing.

Plone Video

Plone is starting to be used internally by quite a few large corporations and government agencies. One of these agencies, Hawaii E-Government Initiative was kind enough to give back to the community - a internal video presentation.

Plone 1.0a Release

In effort to release early, release often and speed up the march to Plone 1.0 official release, we have released the first alpha of 1.0. This has tons of changes. We do not have 0.9 (Bola release) migration scripts. Please do a clean install. Requires CMF1.3b2 and Zope2.5.1 or later.

OSCOM Berkley 2002

Announcing: OSCOM Berkeley 2002 <br />First U.S. Conference For Open Source Content Management <br />Ted Nelson To Give Keynote <br />Organized By Developers, For Developers <br />

2nd Plone Bug Day

In effort to get 1.0 details sorted out we willhost the 2nd Plone Bug Day on openprojects.net on #plone. This will begin July 25 @ 9AM CST

1st Plone Bug Day

You are all invited to help squash bugs, implement new features, and meet the Plone Team. Tuesday, June 18 @ 8AM US/Central or 13:00:00 GMT. Hopefully we will continue throughout the day.

Plone on the Radio

talktech.org, a weekly bi-coastal talk this week will have guests, Paul Everitt and George A. Runyan Jr. Talking about Opensource, ZOPE, Plone and Enterprise adoption.

1000 Luftballons

This has got to be a new low for trying to scrape up news. After last nights recalculation of Plone CVS activity we have gone over 1000 commits. This means absolutely nothing - but its a fun number anyway.

Plone 0.9.9 and Example

Not quite 0.9.9, its 0.9.9.Closer. Sorry, but I couldn't end a good thing. We also have CMFExample, which is an example website that you can manage via Plone. Biggest changes - filesystem refactoring, usability fixes, move to 2 column layout.Please look to CVS if you want to help Plone development.

want Plone i18n? help Lalo!

lalo 'daredevil' martin is attempting i18n branch at Plone CVS. If you want i18n. Help him. It is very very simple what you need to do. Its just *a lot* of work.

What should Plone be?

When plone grows up. It should *know* what it is. Unlike ZOPE which suffers from multiple personalities. Plone should learn from this and not become feature laden. It should focus on one area and do that area *really* well. What should that area be?

CVS to sourceforge

CVS access is moved to sourceforge. Now people can keep in sync with what we are doing.As well as see the mess that I leave in the HEAD ;p