Beta2 Bug Day

October 10, 2002 - 1600 GMT in #plone we will startthe beta2 bug day. This was taken from mail to plone-dev.

Can everyone make it for the beta2 bug day? I hope so. The goal is to clear as many collector items as possible. is much faster these days and it shouldnt be nearly as painful to clear the collector out. We are in need of both gurus and regular users.

Over the past few bug days we have had a very successful process to clear bugs.

  • bug controller hands out bugs
  • guru/developer fixes bug
  • regular end user uses CVS and verifies the bug is closed.

while the regular user is waiting for bugs they can help add to the test case that jon lim started as well as run through the test case to see if anything has broken.

so you see that we need all sorts/shapes/sizes of people to help. so if you are familiar with Plone and have some time we will start this Thursday at 1600GMT or 10AM CST. and you will get named in the beta2 release if you help!