Online Chat

Stop by for the code. Stay for the friendships.

Plone chat rooms are used by our friendly and vibrant community of volunteers, including users, designers, integrators and developers.

Online Chat (Discord)

Discord is the best way to chat with members of the Plone community.

Join the Plone Discord.

Please remember that you will be chatting with volunteers.

Please do not use chat to ask for direct support. Support questions should be directed to either the volunteers in the Plone forum or commercial providers.

Users must wait 10 minutes after becoming a new member of the Plone Discord server before sending a text message. Users may still join public channels and read, listen, and view discussions and voice and video conferences upon joining the server.

Google Summer of Code Students

GSoC students: please do not use chat. To introduce yourself or to ask questions on how to get started, please use our forum and follow the instructions for interested GSoC students.

Please see our tips on how to ask support questions

Get Volunteer Help in our Forum

If you have run into a problem and require help, please post your questions to our forum, and include as much detail as you can (operating system, version of Plone, version of any add-ons, the exact commands you ran, and the full error message text).

Please remember: forum participants are volunteers. 

Get Commercial Production Support

If you require immediate production support, please contact one of the commercial Plone providers.