Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing and overseeing the Plone Foundation.

Board Members for 2023-2024

Martin Peeters

President, (Genappe, Belgium)

Martin has been a Plone developer since 2010 and is CEO / CTO of Affinitic a Belgian Plone Solution company. He co-organized the Plone Conference 2022 and attended almost every Plone Conference since Bristol in 2010. He finds Plone is a friendly community with great people. Martin has participated in several conference sprints and PLOG (Plone Open Garden) as well. Over a period of 12 years, he has helped maintain hundreds of Plone websites supporting thousands of users.

This is Martin's second term on the Board.

Kim Paulissen

Vice President, (Leuven, Belgium)

A Plone enthusiast, Kim is a maintainer and integrator of all Plone-based solutions for the KU Leuven University since 2008, when she joined the Plone community. She has served on several community teams, including UI, training, and documentation).

This is Kim's third year on the Board.

Eric Brehault

Secretary, (Toulouse, France)

Eric is deeply committed to open-source, and is a long-time contributor to the Plone community. He is a frontend developer at Nuclia.

This is Eric's first term on the Board.

Brian Davis

(Pennsylvania, USA)

Brian has been using Plone since v0.9.8. He was one of the legendary Weblion crew at Penn State University who organized Plone Symposium East (2008–2012). Brian is currently a member of the Marketing team, having helped migrate twice, from Plone 4 to 5 and most recently from Plone 5 to 6. Brian has been active in local user groups and is frequently found in the Plone Discord channels. He has contributed to many Plone addons and themes, and presented talks at Plone Conferences and Plone Symposia.

This is Brian's first term on the Board.

Mikel Larreategi

(Eibar, Basque Country)

Mikel started working with Zope & Python on 2004. Now he leads the Plone team at CodeSyntax. He organized the Plone Conference 2023 en Eibar and has attended almost all conferences since Naples 2007.

This is Mikel's first term on the Board.

Paul Roeland

(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Paul is an Open Source activist and tech coordinator for several non-profits. Currently working for the Clean Clothes Campaign, his past involvements include Friends of the Earth, a film festival, and a range of events with the wider ICT4D and open data movements.

Paul served as the Foundation President for several years, and this is his thirteenth term on the Board.

Guido Stevens

(Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Guido combines in-depth technical expertise with an integral business perspective. He is the founder of Quaive, a social community collaboration platform built on Plone.

This is Guido's first term on the Board.

Non-Voting Board Members - Treasurer

The Board is assisted by the Treasurer, Beth Smith from Indiana, USA.

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