Pleased to meet you! We are the Plone community and are organised in teams. Do you want to contribute?

Many teams, one mission.

What happens when you take hundreds of developers and mix them up in a bowl? Well, first off, it's going to get messy. Yet with so much going on, there is something for everybody! Our self-organizing teams group those with a common interest, before bringing the community together for a common goal. Want to get involved? Find your team here!

Release Team

Responsible for releasing new versions of Plone

Volto Team

The team responsible for Volto features, roadmap, UI/UX and releases.

Classic UI Team

The Classic UI Team is responsable for discussing and organising Feature development for the Classic UI frontend, the User Interface available since the First Plone releases.

Zope Team

Responsible for maintaining and releasing Zope and related packages

Marketing Team

We support the Plone community's internal communications and we help promote Plone to the outside world.

Documentation Team

The Documentation Team manages the documentation of Plone.

Training Team

The Training Team organizes the trainings at conferences and maintains the trainings on

Framework Team

Framework Team is responsible for recommending code for inclusion in a Plone release. They are responsible for evaluating major changes from UI to code and making sure that PLIP implementors have what they need to get things done.

Security Team

Identify and correct security issues in the Plone software

Installers Team

Packaging Plone is the responsibility of the Installers Team. This team also works on approachability issues.

Admin and Infrastructure Team

Manage servers, software and online (saas) services in support of the Plone community.

Guillotina Team

The core team responsible for the Guillotina features, releases and roadmap.

Internationalization Team

The Internationalization Team is responsible for the translation of Plone and add-on products

Membership Committee

Review Plone Foundation Membership applications and make membership recommendations to the Board

Community Discussion Team

Manages Plone community discussion services, including Discord and Discourse

Conference Committee

The conference committee is responsible for ensuring the success of the annual Plone Conference

Team Information Guidelines

Basic information each team should publish to let the world know they exist.