Team Information Guidelines

Basic information each team should publish to let the world know they exist.

These guidelines are aimed to obtain basic information for each Team to publish on and keep maintained along the years.

Who's on the team

Each team is composed of a group of people: each team should list the people active in the team, and update the list every year.

Who leads it

Each team needs to have a lead person, someone taking responsibility to organize activities, and provide feedback to people that have questions or needs that the team can solve.

What is the mission of the team

What is the team doing, why the team exists.

How to contact the team

Provide information about how to get in contact with the team, whether it be via email, a mailinglist, a tracker, an IRC room, or whatever is the optimal way to reach the team.

How the team activities are organized

For instance, how and when does the team meet, when's the next meeting. If there are public records of the meetings, where are they kept? Or is there an archive of the team mailinglist?

How to become part of the team

The process to join or participate in the activities of the team.