Axolote Sprint 2024
April 15 to April 19, UNAM, Mexico City
The Axolote Sprint is a gathering of Plone developers in CDMX, Mexico from April 15th to 19th 2024. We will focus on the developement of an educational Plone distribution and Volto UI topics. Volto is the new ReactJS-based default frontend for Plone 6 content management system. The sprint covers topics that are considered relevant for the future of the Plone CMS.
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Group Photo taken at an excursion during the Alpine City Sprint 2023, held february 5th to 10th in Innsbruck, Austria.

World Plone Day 2023 is over, but all video's are still here!

World Plone Day 2023: View all day long new presentations, talk and demo's on using, developing for, hosting and supporting the Plone CMS , its community, the Plone Foundation and learn about upcoming events.

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