Do you want to contribute code, documentation, or other efforts? Cool, here's how!

Plone is people-driven.

Plone as a project is driven by developers of all level. But there are other skills needed too. All the various areas of the project can use some help, so whether your skills are in project management, marketing, writing docs, writing success stories, interviewing people, training, or simply organizing a welcoming user day in your area, you are welcome to contribute!

Visit community forums and discussions and join events

The simplest way of getting started, is just to ask questions or answering them, or join a Plone event to learn more.


When you feel ready to contribute code or other skills, check out the info for that.

Join the Plone Foundation

Joining Plone foundation is a good way to contribute.

Sponsor Plone

Too busy to contribute work but still want to help? Chip in with any amount of sponsoring, whether big or small.

We are happy to have you!