Member Application

Apply to become a Plone Foundation Member

In recognition of significant and enduring contributions to Plone and the community, the Plone Foundation accepts membership applications based on merit.

Please read the following guidelines to understand how the Foundation decides membership applications.

The Foundation membership committee accepts application materials in the language of your choice.

How to submit an application to join the Foundation

  1. First, you must authenticate on using a GitHub account. So please Login to using GitHub credentials.
  2. After logging in, Add your membership application (you may write in the language of your choice).
  3. Fill the form, add details (examples below) and make sure you save it.
  4. Once you have filled out the form, make sure to submit your application for review (three dots on the left menu and State -> Submit for review. You will only have to submit once.

The membership committee will then be notified of your application.

Add Detail to Your Membership Application

When you fill out your membership application, please add as much detail as you can on what you've done: 

  • use specific dates if you can (at least mention years)
  • events you've attended / participated in / organized
  • talks you've given
  • your activity
  • blogging you've done
  • documentation you've written
  • trainings you've given or materials you've contributed to
  • themes you've designed or contributed
  • any organizing you've done (of events, sprints, meet ups, demos)
  • any leading or leadership activity related to Plone
  • your activity in Discord and Discourse ( giving help to others
  • statistics on questions you've answered
  • teams you've participated in
  • marketing and/or promotion you've done for Plone

Don't consider it bragging: it's simply giving credit to yourself for what you've done.