With over 20 years of past, here we talk about the future of Plone.

Current Roadmap:

In 2024, updated Plone release schedule beyond Plone 6.


Plone is not owned or directed by a commercial company, it is truly community-driven. This bottom-up approach makes planning for the future a bit more difficult. It's more of an iterative process. Please join the discussion about the Plone roadmap in our forum at

  • In 2008 the Plone Foundation organized a Strategic Planning Summit and invited key community members to spend 3 days working on a plan for the strategic future of Plone.
  • In 2012 the Foundation Board designated a transitional Roadmap Team to synthesize community views and create a Plone roadmap with near, medium and long term items.
  • In 2014 a planning discussion was held at the 2014 Bristol Plone Conference and the results constitute the latest community vision of the future of Plone.
  • In 2015 another Strategic Sumit was held in Sorrento, Italy.
  • In 2017 the roadmap document encapsulating 2016 discussions incorporates Plone distributions and the new headless CMS initiative
  • In 2019, the roadmap document outlines Plone 5.2's support for Python 3 and the new UI for Plone 6
  • In 2020, The 2020 Plone 6 Roadmap (PDF)
  • In 2022, Plone release schedule beyond Plone 6.
  • In 2024, updated Plone release schedule beyond Plone 6.

Past Roadmaps