2012 Plone Roadmap

This document provides a roadmap for the future of Plone. This is more about synthesising current community views and activities than dictating a path forward.


The main body of this document comprises descriptions of near, medium and long term items on the roadmap. The near term items will necessarily be more firm than the medium and long term ones, though over time – and as this document evolves – items may move between the time horizons. Towards the end of the document, we will outline broader feature requests and opportunities that may eventually make it onto the roadmap.


It is important to remember that the Roadmap Team is a facilitator, not a dictator, of community investment in Plone. As such, the whole Plone community is encouraged to join in the conversation around the roadmap, and challenge it where appropriate. Discussion about the Plone roadmap is in our forum at https://community.plone.org/c/development/roadmap

Original document on Google Docs