Plone on the Radio, a weekly bi-coastal talk this week will have guests, Paul Everitt and George A. Runyan Jr. Talking about Opensource, ZOPE, Plone and Enterprise adoption.

Tuesday June 4, 2002 on "talktech's": radio broadcast at 2PM EST will host a show on ZOPE and Plone. Paul Everitt, VP of Product Development at Zope Corp. and George A. Runyan Jr. of the Plone Team will talk all things related to Python, ZOPE and Plone. I believe there will also be a .mp3 of the show. Some of the topics will range from Plone's target audience to Plone in the next 6 months. Catch it if you can. It would be great to iron out how Plone as a opensource effort will present itself to the rest of the World.