Plone 1.0 alpha2 released

Since CMF 1.3 is released we made this release. This was a quick release that has some "guts lying on the table" but is important for people to give us their feedback. We have cleaned up lots of bugs. You only need CMF 1.3 tarball and Plone now. No more CVS chasing.

You can download Plone1.0-alpha 2 from "Sourceforge": You can download CMF 1.3 from "": Two of the numerous new features: * Private Plone site Customization Policy - when you 'Add Plone Site' in ZMI you can select this new policy which will customize your Plone so that anonymous users only get a login box. People kept getting confused (rightfully so) about how to setup security in CMF via Workflows. This does it for you. * WYSIWYG editor integration - currently the Document edit form has been modified to expose the XSDHTMLEditor (IE5.5+) when you click on the calendar widget next to the body textarea. In the next release (beta) the WYSIWYG editor will be set in your preferences. Tons of bugs and usability issues have been addressed. Please test this out and report any issues to the "bug/feature collector": Plone is and was proclaimed feature complete. We are pushing the WYSIWYG stuff into 1.0 release because Plone needs this functionality to be competetive. The security policy isn't much of a feature. **The Plone Team**