2nd Plone Bug Day

In effort to get 1.0 details sorted out we willhost the 2nd Plone Bug Day on openprojects.net on #plone. This will begin July 25 @ 9AM CST

The first plone bug day was a great success. This time I hope for it to be even more so, as we have picked up some more willing contributors and will be a bit more organized. Its quite fun to participate. We start at 9AM Central Stnd. Time in the morning Thursday July 25. We join irc.openprojects.net in #plone and squash bugs that are reported in the "collector":http://plone.org/collector This is a great time to get to know people better, ask questions and suggest different approaches to making Plone better. Do not be offended if people immediately say, 'put it in the collector'. This is a easy way for people to communicate over issues. It is our main mechanism to figuring out what needs to be squashed, pontificated, and implemented. Please grab a CVS copy of Plone, meet us in #plone and help squash bugs and usability issues. We all want a very nice 1.0 release ;) Plone Team