updated to latest CVS now runs the CVS version of Plone, and we need your help to discover any remaining bugs.

We now recommend CMF1.3b1 and above to run Plone. It will still work with CMF1.2 but you will not have any actions show up in the upper right hand corner. We try to leave as little cruft in the code as possible - so use the latest CMF version. Alexander has worked out most of the Netscape 4.x bugs and has started on the workspace. If you find any problems with Netscape4.x, enter them in the "bug tracker": - please :) Alan has removed more files from the filesystem and added a drop-down list for content types to add in folder_contents. Please give it a thorough testing and if you stumble across any SiteErrors please "submit the bug": to the skin tracker with the URL and the traceback (you may need to view the HTML source). We will give this a go for a week. If it's stable we will most likely release this as 0.9.9. Cheers, runyaga & limi