Plone1.0 beta1 released

Plone 1.0 beta1 is released. Feature freeze. Collector cleanup underway.

The evening of September 12, 2002 saw the release of Plone 1.0 beta1. The coordination involved was immense - quality assurance was a large part of our more recent release strategy. Plone1.0 beta1 show cases the hard work that the Plone Team and contributors have put into the project over the last 16 months.

The beta is feature complete. I am confidant that moving from beta to 1.0 will be very smooth sailing. We are in a position now to clean out the "bugs and features": that are scheduled for the 1.0 release.

Andy McKay has updated the Win32 installer and is available from "plone download files.": We have added a multitude of features and lots of bug cleanups. The "HISTORY": file tells of the changes from alpha4 to beta1. The biggest ones to note is a refactoring of FormTool (our form validation/controller mechanism), i18n namespace has been completely overhauled and now Plone is 100% localizable, a tree widget was added to ease navigation of larger sites, and slots (left/right columns) are dictated by Folder properties - left_slot and right_slot which are paths to macros to be included on that page.

The development effort is going to continue full bore. We have been hearing some great testimonial by large companies and agencies who have implemented Plone solutions - we hope to get those up. If you are a company who needs training, please don't hesitate to contact "alan runyan." There are many firms around the world that are experienced Plone consultants. If you contact me I can put you in touch them one closer to your location.

Thanks to "all of the contributors": who have helped make Plone a great product. We hope to show the development and business world that Plone is the fastest, most maintainable, and scalable content management system that can be easily customized for a client in the world of Open source.

What makes Plone so flexible and maintainable? The underlying technologies:

  • "Python": - the most elegant language I have ever used.
  • "Zope": - an Application server that delivers on its Rapid Development promises.
  • "CMF": - a Product suite that eases the development of content management systems.

NOTE: The Official Announcement can be found "here":



**The Plone Team**