Plone 1.0 RC1 released!

As Christmas draws closer, we are proud to announce the first Release Candidate for Plone. If we get positive feedback from this release and migrations are smooth - this will be 1.0!

What are the differences between the betas and RC1?

  • Plone comes with an i18n folder with approximately 20 languages (please co-ordinate with the "i18n effort":/development/i18n to add your language). These are pre-installed in the Windows installer package.
  • Xopus was removed (will possibly be available as an add-on later); we have kept XSDHTMLEditor but will be removing it as 1.1 comes and we can move it to an add-on.
  • Lots of bug fixes. Small feature enhancements (filename staying in form if validation fails) and usability issues addressed.
  • migration machinery has been updated and hopefully you should have no problems migrating from any beta release to RC1.
  • RC1 is being run on with great results.

Near future Plone is gathering a healthy community around it. The focus in the near future will be documentation and a stable 1.0 release. Plone is already being used all over the world for many different purposes.

Please "tell us" about your experiences. We are now preparing the final announcements, finishing touches and installer integration, and watching the "issue collector":/collector for any issues reported.

To upgrade

  • Do a full backup (Both the products dir and Data.fs).
  • Delete the CMFPlone directory and replace with the new one.
  • Stop and start Zope
  • Enter your Plone site via the ZMI (http://myplonesite:8080/manage).
  • Add a Plone Migration tool if there isn't one displayed already - the name should be portal_migration (Add a Plone Tool -> Migration Tool).
  • Enter the portal_migration tool and double check that the version displayed is correct (You can override the settings if you know that you have a different version).
  • Click the "Click here to migrate" link.
  • Voilá - your Plone site should be up to date. Please report any errors to us.

Download and test "Download Plone RC1 here":/download and help us find any remaining bugs. The final release will hopefully be out by the end of this month, or early next month.

We wish everybody a nice holiday, and look forward to making year 2003 the Year of Plone. :)

**The Plone Team**