Plone 0.9.8 Released!

On the death march to a 1.0 release, I decided to release 0.9.8, the Ulrich Schnauss release. A fundamental base href change was made. All edit_forms will be impacted.

The biggest thing that has changed in this release is the approach to BASE HREF. which impacts all edit_form's the actions for edit forms in ZOPE works is usually the method you want to call. but now you must specify the object's ID in the action.

This is also a feedback release to show the community what we are working with to get to 1.0. It comes with DCWorkflow and does lots of magical things on installation.

Please help out by giving feedback. When we hit 1.0 - we hope not to have to do too much catch up work until CMF1.3.

You can get the latest zip from our download section or This release (in the tradition of Plone) is dedicated to another great electronic composer, Ulrich Schnauss.