Plone1.0 alpha4 released

Plone1.0-alpha4 tarball was released on sourceforge. You can find the "tarball here": and I believe if you take the time to install you. You will be overwhelmed by the niceties we have included. It is stable. We have all infrastructure in place. Only bugs to be worked out and beta should be released shortly after Labor Day. This release was really championed by Helge Tesdal, Geoff Davis, Jon Lim and Kevin McKeown! Bundle the stabilization of infrastructure and the localization effort almost kicked into high gear - I think Plone is a competitor with commercial content management systems. Although we have no integrated the CMFStaging/Version control products into Plone - we are solidifying a stable infrastructure! You can look in the docs directory for an explanation of the FormTool (portal_form) and look at the python scripts in the filesystem to see how we are implementing the new system. We will provide documentation very soon. We have a super configurable navigation system that is all driven by PropertySheets in portal_properties. Almost everything is web configurable ;-). And I believe we still are maintaining backwards compatibility! We need people testing Plone thoroughly before we step up to a beta release - we really need people to bang on this. Install CMFWiki, CMFCollector, CMFForums and see if they work as expected. Join and speak with the developers. There has been a migration script included in Extension/ - Please read the source and head the warnings. It has not been tested very much and could easily hose your system. **Backup your var/Data.fs file** before running the script. Sincerely, **The Plone Team**