Plone goes i18n!

Lalo and Sidnei, two absolutely phenomonial programmers have backported Z3 i18n services to Zope and in the process created their own 'drop-in' versions of ZPT!

Wanna see - check out "lalo's screenshot": -- WOW! According to sidnei the backport of i18n took approx. 5 hours. Whoa. I think this is amazing. They are using Zope 2.5 with the ZPublisher from Zope-HEAD (thanks to Toby Dickersons unicode patch) and I am just stunned that it works. This effort is separate from Stephan Richter (cowboy coder extraordiniare) who is co-ordinating most of Zope2.7 release. I expect to see Zope i18n congealing in the next 30-45 days and Plone translations happening before November! This is very exciting. Hats off to Pythoneers who are making Zope/CMF/Plone accessible to a much wider audience. Their project CVS repository can be found at the "CMF Collective":