Plone 1.0a Release

In effort to release early, release often and speed up the march to Plone 1.0 official release, we have released the first alpha of 1.0. This has tons of changes. We do not have 0.9 (Bola release) migration scripts. Please do a clean install. Requires CMF1.3b2 and Zope2.5.1 or later.

This is a really nice release. The past 24 hours has seen some amazing changes go into the system and it behaves nicely. This release is dedicated to *Boards of Canada* - an incredible band. Check out their latest release Geogaddi, you'll be glad you did :) You can find the tarball at Sourceforge - "here": Changes of Interest - form tooltips as well as ID fields can be toggled from user preferences - refactored alot of the forms so they are *significantly* cleaner - fixed some errors in FSPythonScript bindings - added a 'CustomizationPolicy' hook, you can now write third party customization policies for Plone. Submit them back and they may end up in Plone! - got rid of a lot of cruft in filesystem, consolidated forms, and made the UI a bit more consistent I hope we can have another alpha after the Plone Bug Day on the 25th and then a beta hopefully when Zope2.6 releases a beta. And then a final very shortly after Zope2.6 goes gold. CMF 1.3 will most certainly be released at this time and we can standardize on the latest and greatest. **The Plone Team**