Plone beta 2 released!

Plone beta 2 was officially released today.

Thursday Oct. 17, 2002 @ 11:00AM CST the Plone beta2 tarball was officially released on "": for public download. We previously had a beta2 tarball up for the QA team, who found some bugs which have been fixed. Now we offer up the tarball to the public to use and test for the upcoming 1.0 release.

Most of the changes have been documented in the HISTORY file. The usual suspects who put a lot of time in for this release: Geoff Davis, Helge Tesdal, Philipp Auersperg, and Andy McKay. The QA team have been doing a really good job - Jon Lim, Kevin McKeown and Chris Johnson without them we would have much less quality in our releases.

This release has addressed many usability issues. Alexander Limi has worked on the fonts quite a bit, we have added a touch point for people to customize CSS without impacting Plone's CSS. You can create a ploneCustom.css file object anywhere in your skinpaths and it will be included in the header.

The navigation slot has matured. Some problems with NavigationTool has been addressed. Many bugs fixed. And now on Properties form, by default we only show the Subject keywords defined for the content object on the portal_metadata tool. Before we showed all existing keywords - which in practice is awkward.

We should have MacOSX and Win32 installers out in the next few hours. We are also looking for people to bundle .rpms and .debs for the 1.0 release. Any Pythoneers or Zopistas who want to join or offer advice are always welcomed.

Many thanks to Florent Guillaume who seems to watch over our shoulders and points out potential problems. Kapil Thangavelu who wrapped the marvelous BackTalk product with CMFBackTalk which we are using at And of course the CMF Collective project and all who participate; without whom CMF would be a very stale place.