Plone-1.0 alpha 3 Released!

We did a major API change. Previous work should be backwards compatible.Please help test and give us your feedback. Hopefully we can get a beta out by the end of this week!

Plone 1.0alpha3 released! Requires: - "CMF-1.3": - "Zope 2.5.1": You can get the tarball: - "CMFPlone 1.0 alpha 3": Partial Changelog: - "HISTORY": This release (un)fortunately adds some major feature enhancements that are necessary to skirt around a major design flaw of CMF. Geoff Davis has contributed code (portal_factory) that will put a proxy object in place of a newly created object. Once validation succeeds (now done by portal_form tool) it will then create a new object and call the xxx_edit script on the object. We have also made it so portal_properties is a container and can contain "PropertySheets". (in reality they are SimpleItemWithProperties) The portal_navigation tool has been refactored heavily. Along with tons of UI and usability enhancements, various bug fixes and code cleanups. I would like to NOTE. You can still use the old API's. They should have depreciation warning when you use them. the link object is the only object that has been changed to use the new API. Nothing yet uses the portal_factory creation proxy mechanism. You have to manually munge the URL to get this behavior. We will provide more information in the next few days on how to use this feature. Please test this rigorously. Submit all your bugs/feature requests to Based upon your feedback we will migrate the rest of the objects to the new machinery for the beta if we don't hear enough ground swell against this idea we may migrate everything to the new machinery. We think its best to use the new machinery because it factors out the form validation, navigation and controlling point into separate objects. I hope you will help us test this release and once we get the Discussion UI fixed we will issue a beta. regards, **The Plone Team** 'Geoff Davis and Helge Tesdal have significantly contributed to this release.'