1000 Luftballons

This has got to be a new low for trying to scrape up news. After last nights recalculation of Plone CVS activity we have gone over 1000 commits. This means absolutely nothing - but its a fun number anyway.

...and a good occasion to remind you that we are progressing nicely. :) You can go over to "plone @ sourceforge":http://sourceforge.net/projects/plone to see a bunch of statistics that mean very little. We host our own downloads so they dont have a accurate data on downloads. I think maybe for 1.0 and beyond we may host at Sourceforge. At the same time plone.org has better uptime than sourceforge - I spent 30 minutes in limbo while Sourceforge had maintenance being performed on it last night. We still need help on the documentation front, please add your contributions to the "Documentation Wiki":/documentation or ask questions on the mailing list. **Plone Team**