Reflecting on Plone in 2023
So much happened this year, from sprints to the conference to new Plone versions and more. Read all about it.

Cows, mountains and pinchos - Plone Conference 2023

Why cows, you may ask? Well, the annual Plone Conference was held for the 22nd time and this time in Eibar, Basque country, organized by CodeSyntax. A lovely event with a very warm atmosphere, as always with the Plone community.

With over 160 participants from 20 different countries the conference held 2 days of training, 3 days of talks and another 2 days of sprinting.

YouTube reports +3500 views during the conference days, with a 400 hours watch time and 23 new subscribers in the channel. Most views come from Spain, Brazil, US, Belgium and Germany.

The overall feedback from the participants gathered a score of 4.6/5!

The conference was again a highlight in the Plone world.
Every aspect of the conference was very nicely planned and executed. It was a lovely experience!

New Plone Foundation Board members

Plone is true open source, backed up by the non-profit Plone Foundation, with a mission to protect and promote Plone. Year 2023 had some noteworthy action with the foundation:

Plone Tune-Up is back

Every third Friday of the month - join online to work together on Plone features and issues, or just hanging out or discussing the future of Plone.

Programming, documentation, marketing, infrastructure, learning Plone, content creation, discussions - all can be done during the day, whenever it suits you in your specific time zone.

Join the next Tune-Up Day on January 19, 2024! Everyone is welcome!

Sprinting around the globe

The Plone community organized many successful sprints this year. Sprints are a great way to focus on open source development like Plone, and bring together brilliant people to improve software, and the world and just hang together with friends.

Google Summer of Code with Plone

Google Summer of Code is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. GSoC contributors work with an open source organization on a 12+ week programming project under the guidance of mentors.

Plone has been part of GSoC for many years, and once again in 2023 new promising developers were introduced to the Plone community with projects such as:

  • Modernize the data fetching API in Volto
  • Use Nuclia search across all Plone properties (,, and
  • Add WebAuthn 2 support for Plone
  • User Management UI in Volto
  • Refactor the React class components to functional components in Volto

Read more about Plone GSoC 2023.

World Plone Day 2023

Every last Friday of April, we celebrate World Plone Day - a 24 hour online event with a lot of new Plone-related videos: case studies, panel discussions, events and more.

Here's the YouTube playlist of World Plone Day 2023.

Success stories

Did you know that Plone 6 runs one of the largest research institutes in Germany, the government sites in Brazil, and municipalities in Belgium? Plone CMS can be used in highly customized intranets, as well as massive external sites of any other website looking for a robust solution. Here are some highlighted case studies from 2023:

Check out all published case studies.

DLR frontpage

Plone 6 rules

And the reason why our community is pushing and working so hard lies in the software: our beloved content management system Plone. The latest iteration is Plone 6 - it is mature yet modern, fast and easy to use, and as secure as ever.

Plone 6 is the first CMS on the market that combines the power features, best-in-class security, and scalability of an enterprise CMS with a modern easy-to-use and powerful frontend that uses the latest state-of-the art web technologies.

See what's ahead in 2024!

The Plone Foundation Board of Directors has announced Board priorities for 2024!

Join us!

Plone community welcomes you! Join the friendly, open-minded and innovative community.

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