Plone Foundation Board 2024 Priorities
Plone continues to be cutting edge. Wait until you see what we have in store for 2024!

Plone Foundation Board 2024 Priorities

What a year it has been!

This past year saw the launch of Plone 6, new Volto 16/17/18 releases, a refreshed website, an amazing renewal of, overwhelming participation in World Plone Day, another successful GSoC, a reorganized Plone Steering Circle, the long-awaited return of Plone Tune-Up Days, and a magnificent Plone Conference in Eibar, Basque Country!

It truly has been a wonderful time with great friends. Relive all the memories!

How the Plone Foundation Board serves

The mission of Plone Foundation is to protect and promote Plone.  The role of Plone Foundation Board is to oversee and assist the Plone project and community.

The Board does not to manage Plone directly, but rather assists technical teams in working together, and nurtures new participation and leadership within the community.  Having as wide a representation and a variety of points of view as possible on the Board makes it easier for the Board to address the overall needs of the diverse Plone community and project.

New year, new goals!

Reflecting upon the mission from 2023, The Plone Foundation Board has set their sights on continuing that excitement into 2024! The Board has been looking ahead to the new year to identify priorities and overarching goals that can further promote the software that we all love and enhance the community we call home.

These are the 2024 priorities for the Board:

Support the Foundation

  • Create a relationship with Plone Providers
    • New Sponsor relations program
    • Outreach to providers and consultants who are not yet sponsors
  • Having new Plone Foundation members and increase their participation in the life of the Plone Foundation.

Empower the Plone Community

  • Work on inclusion and diversity
  • More local sprints
  • More small and focused sprints
  • Renew Plone Ambassadors program
  • Revitalize with dynamic information
    • Shows Plone as an active community for new visitors
    • Helps to improve communication between teams
  • Revitalize / Revamp some teams :
    • a11y team
      • do VPAT self-assessment, check/fix default themes
    • Classic UI Team
    • Renew/revamp sub-communities like PloneGov, PloneEdu

Promote everything Plone

  • Promote Plone to other communities as a free and opensource CMS, and highlight Volto as an easy React solution to render external API sources.

Improve Foundation documentation and processes

  • Overhaul github security model
  • Start removal of really out-of-date, non-supported information
  • Improve onboarding of new board members
  • Facilitate document sharing via Quaive
    • Document board procedures, howto’s, who-has-the-keys
    • Start removal of really out-of-date, non-supported information
    • Include sync to public website where appropriate (following Marketing team)


The new 2024 Board looks forward to setting these priorities in motion, and we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Please reach out to us at