Alpine City Strategic Sprint 2023: New Plone Core Contributors Emerge
The Alpine City Strategic Sprint 2023 in Innsbruck this February was a successful Plone-focused event, bringing together 25 participants from 10 countries. We welcomed three new Plone Core Contributors, and attendees worked on various Plone-related topics while enjoying social activities.

The Alpine City Strategic Sprint 2023, a five-day event focused on Plone, concluded on Friday, February 10th, with organizers hailing it as a great success. Held in the stunning alpine city of Innsbruck, Austria, the event brought together 25 participants from 10 countries, three of whom were first-time attendees.


Building Plone

Notably, all three newcomers emerged from the event as Plone Core Contributors. The group tackled a range of topics across code and concept, including Volto, ClassicUI, Core and general architecture, deployment, roadmap discussions, processes around release management, continuous integration/testing, and infrastructure. Many bug-fixes were committed and new features evolved as a result.



Sprint activities

While the technical work was a significant aspect of the sprint, the social element was equally crucial. The group had an early arrival meeting on Sunday evening, followed by a Nepalese dinner on Monday. On Tuesday, there was a panel discussion about "Remote work in IT" in the framework of ITONBOARD/Erasmus+, followed by a get-together. Wednesday morning saw the group visit "Swarovski Kristallwelten," followed by a coding and pizza evening with open end. On Thursday, there was dinner and pool billiards, while Friday marked the official close of the sprint. However, due to multiple requests from participants, the group went for dinner at "Die Wilderin" in the evening. Finally, Saturday was "Snowday," with some participants having brunch at Seegrube (1905m) while others opted for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing at the Kühtai ski ressort.

Panel discussion

Swarovski Kristallwelten

Growing community

Overall, the event was a resounding success, providing an opportunity for participants to work on a range of Plone-related topics while building camaraderie with peers from around the world. The emergence of three new Plone Core Contributors highlights the event's success in bringing together talent from different backgrounds and creating opportunities for growth and development in the Plone community.


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Group photo taken at the "Swarovski Kristallwelten" in Wattens