Nominations for people interested in serving on the Plone Foundation Board for 2009-2010.

Alex Clark

Plone consultant, conference 2008 organizer, infrastructure team leader, core developer.

Alexander Limi

Founder of Plone, also works on the Firefox User Experience team. Previous vice-president of the board, and involved in the overall direction of Plone’s future.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Dreamer, Adventurer, Technologist, Programmer, Active Plone Community Member and Evangelist.

Cris Ewing

Plone evangelist, add-on developer, integrator

Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Advertiser, author and Plone user from the beginning; Co-Founder and member of the board of the DZUG e.V. (German Zope User Group); Translator of the Plone UI, co-author of the book "A user's guide to Plone" and author of a german Plone White Paper.

Jean-Paul Ladage

A Plone entrepeneur, integrator, also founder of the Dutch Plone Users Group and Director of Zest Software.

Ken Wasetis

Plone consultant, integrator, evangelist since 2002. Current Foundation member. President of Contextual Corp. in Chicago, IL, USA. Presenter at various Plone conferences. Sponsor/supporter of various Plone products, such as PloneGetPaid, CMFDeployment, ContextualCRM.

Matt Hamilton

Plone consultant and integrator. Plone and OSS evangelist. Director of Netsight, UK. Current board member.

Mike Halm

Founder of the WebLion development group at Penn State University and Plone evangelist for the use of Plone and other Open Source technologies in the Education sector. Host and primary sponsor of the Plone Symposium East at Penn State University.

Nate Aune

Managing Director and Founder, Jazkarta, Inc. (Boston, MA), 3rd term as Plone Foundation Board member, founder Plone4Artists and Boston Plone Users Group.

Roberto Allende

Plone entrepreneur, trainer and evangelist, creator of the World Plone Day. Advisor to the Plone Board and Plone Community Ambassador for Spanish-speaking countries during the 2008-2009 period.

Tom 'Spanky' Kapanka

Plone Evangelist and Project Coordinator

Steve McMahon

Plone consultant, integrator and developer. Current board secretary.