Jean-Paul Ladage

A Plone entrepeneur, integrator, also founder of the Dutch Plone Users Group and Director of Zest Software.

Who am I?

I'm an open source evangelist who learned that the key to success is not to communicate open source or Plone first, but customer value. As sales and technical director of Zest Software I have always been grateful about the community efforts and been actively involved since 2003.

Why am I running for board member?

I think now it's time for me to contribute what I've learned from this years recession and assist in the marketing efforts for Plone on a global and local level.

What have I contributed so far?

I have been actively involved personally by participating in sprints and speaking at conferences. In my role as director of my company I stimulate my employees to contribute to the community with the 10% Plone manifesto. Since my role has become less and less technical I've been searching for new ways to contribute on another level.

To increase brand recognition in the Netherlands I have lead the Dutch Plone Users Group for three years and initiated collaboration with the other Dutch Plone vendors to create marketing materials, like flyers and a booth. We have been promoting Plone at a number of expo's to compete against the proprietary vendor and create a larger pool for Plone.

People that trust me to do a good job

  • Chris Calloway
  • Alex Clark