Cris Ewing

Plone evangelist, add-on developer, integrator


My name is Cris Ewing.  I'm the lead developer for the University of Washington department of Radiology Web Services team.  We are a small house that supports web activities for the department of Radiology. 

I've been developing in Plone now for 3 or so years.  I started right around the time of the 2006 Plone conference in Seattle, WA.  In those years, I've become a more and more active part of the Plone community.  I started by giving talks about projects I was working on at local symposia like Plone Symposium East.  I've now given talks at the Plone Conference in Washington D.C. and a number of other venues.  I've given a few lectures on Plone at UNAM in Mexico City, Mexico, where I was invited to talk to their local Plone groups on the subjects of workflow and z3c.form development.  I've also now participated in a number of sprints, including three or four on the FacultyStaffDirectory project, the No-Fun BBQ zopeskel sprint and the CVManager sprint in Mexico City.

Perhaps most importantly, I've been working recently on getting a Plone hosting service off the ground at the University of Washington.  I've felt strongly for quite some time that the UW deserves a CMS a strong as Plone, and that Plone as a community and a piece of software deserves the participation of a large university such as the UW.  I am trying to get the whole thing off the ground with nothing but attitude and spare capacity on my servers, so wish me luck.

As for why I'm interested in serving on the board for the Plone foundation, I have to admit that I was asked to do apply by Joel Burton and Chris Calloway.  I'm strongly interested in the development of the Plone community, and in maintaining the accessibility of our software so that we can attract new users, integrators and developers without whom our project will perish.  I would hope to be able to contribute to the community in any way I can.  I've got strong organizational skills, a willingness to do grunt work for a good cause, and some strong opinions about which way the Plone world should go.  Is that enough?  You decide :)

My sponsors for this nomination would be Joel Burton and Chris Calloway. 

Thanks for your attention,