Steve McMahon

Plone consultant, integrator and developer. Current board secretary.

Seconded By ----------- * Roberto Allende * Tim Knapp * Erik Rose * Matthew Wilkes * Chris Calloway What I Bring ------------ The Plone Foundation can use a variety of experience and commitments on the board. Expertise in marketing, trademark and copyright issues, regional issues, licensing, and community processes are all invaluable. Here's what I can bring to the mix: * Non-profit board experience: As well as serving two terms on the Plone Board, I've been an officer of other boards, and have chaired municipal commissions. I know how to read a budget, P & L and balance sheet. * An ability to represent Plone. I'm an experienced public speaker, a reasonably competent writer, and have a knowledge of our strengths, weaknesses and competitive position. I wrote three chapters of *Practical Plone* and have been a reviewer for three more Plone books. * An interest in Intellectual Property issues. I can't claim the experience of a lawyer, but I'm fascinated by copyright, trademark and licensing issues and the politics behind them. * A knowledge of our community practices. In addition to my board work, I've been working with the installer and documentation teams, have done a lot of add-on product development work, have contributed successful PLIPs, and facilitated the last Framework Team selection process. I've attended major sprints, given conference presentations, participated in the 2008 Strategic Planning Summit and been a GSOC mentor. * I have the commitment and dedication to take on board responsibilities and complete them. I'm committed to transparency and working to make sure that board actions are considerate of all our different interests and are well explained to the community.