Tom 'Spanky' Kapanka

Plone Evangelist and Project Coordinator

Who am I?

I am a web developer, programmer, and project manager living and working in San Francisco, CA (US). I have been a member of the Plone community since before the creation of the Foundation.  I have contributed to many packages, events, and the community itself over the years with code, ideas, planning, coordination, and enthusiasm.

Why I am interested in Plone Foundation board membership

While my current job does not offer me the opportunity to work with Plone (although I am changing that!), I would like to continue to contribute to the Plone community in a new and challenging way.  I haven't been developing for Plone as of late, and very much want to continue my involvement with such a great group of people.  I feel that with my experience with Plone, and direct relationships with community members, I can offer a lot in terms of helping to organize, support, and grow the community from a position on the Board.  I may not be the greatest coder in the world, but I certainly understand people, technology, politics, and how to get things done.

What I think I can add to the Plone Foundation

My goal is to see that Plone and the development community are supported as they seek to gain adoption in the marketplace. I believe Plone is the best CMS to market to date, and I want to support everyone in their efforts to get that message out and try to give a "foundation" to your efforts to be successful in your own business, which in turns means success for Plone as a whole.  I believe the Foundation and the Board should be there as a solid backing in your efforts to leverage Plone for the needs of the users.

Names of Plone Foundation members that second my nomination

Rob Miller (RaFromBRC)

Christian Scholz (MrTopf)

Andy McKay (andym)

Jens Klein (jensens)

Plone-related things I've worked on:

  • Upcoming Plone Conference in Budapest
  • Snow Sprints (Coordinating, fundraising)
  • Plone Conference in Vienna
  • Calendar Sprints (Dateable, Kronos, Kalends, p4aCalendar, Recurrence)
  • ATVocabulary Manager
  • PSPS
  • Archetypes ZopeSkel Templates
  • Various Documentation
  • General instigator of discussions around Archetypes
  • CMFMember (I'm sorry, we're all sorry)
  • Original InAndOut/Picklist Widget author
  • General provoker of discussion, debate, and dialogue