Alexander Limi

Founder of Plone, also works on the Firefox User Experience team. Previous vice-president of the board, and involved in the overall direction of Plone’s future.

- I'd like to stay on the board for another term to ensure continuity from the previous boards. - Plone is in an exciting position, and ready to grow its audience with the new capabilities of Plone 4 and 5 — and I believe I'm in a good position to help expand our market. - The board's main focus has shifted to the marketing of Plone now that the IP and trademark situation is in good hands, I'd like to continue work in this area. Community accomplishments so far - Helped get the current marketing plan in place. - Helped bootstrap the original board. - Led the trademark committee through its first term, securing the Plone trademarks thanks to the great people that helped out. - Helped make the one-stop shop for Plone providers and site listings. Seconded by -- Geir Bækholt