Alex Clark

Plone consultant, conference 2008 organizer, infrastructure team leader, core developer.

Who I am ======== I am a Plone consultant from Bethesda, MD (suburb of Washington, DC, USA). I've been active in the Plone community and have been making my living as a Plone consultant for over 5 years. I organized Plone Conference 2008 in Washington DC, featuring over 300 attendees, and I organize monthly meetings for the Zope/Python Users Group of DC. Why I am interested in Plone Foundation board membership ======================================================== I've been studying the community for years, and would like the opportunity to give something back. What I think I can add to the Plone Foundation ============================================== I care about Plone and the people that use it. In particular, I want to make sure the Plone community continues to grow and provide an award winning product to the world: The Plone CMS. Names of Plone Foundation members that second my nomination =========================================================== - Matthew Wilkes - Steve McMahon - Matt Bowen - Tarek Ziade