Presentation Collateral

Materials for the presentations at the Plone Symposium 2005

Hands On: Build an Extranet

Rob Miller gave this excellent tutorial to a packed room. The talk revolves around customizations and process to customize the Plone Content Management System to be used as a customer-oriented extranet.

Caching Strategies

Geoff Davis talks about various caching strategies using reverse proxy servers. One focus is on correctly using E-Tags.

An Outside Perspective of Plone

Paul Tindall works mainly with large scale CMS systems. He discusses his views of Plone as a enterprise content management system

Tutorial: Plone Skinning

Alexander Limi talks about Plone Skinning. Tips and Tricks.

State of Plone

Alex Limi and Alan Runyan give the state of plone

Mozilla/XUL and Plone Integration

Using Mozilla/XUL as a rich client for the Plone Content Management System

Open Source Licensing

Ron Chichester presents a survey of Open Source licensing. Some may find it controversial. Everyone walked away with a better understanding of copyright law. The GPL is a subject of focus.

Case Study: UNC Medical School

University of North Carolina's success with the Plone Content Management System

Web Services in Plone

Benjamin Saller talks about SOAP/Web Services integration into Plone. General ideas of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is discussed and DOs and DONTs are discussed.

Case Study: Rosetta Archive

Whit Morriss talks about the Rosetta Archive project.