North American Plone Symposium

Learn invaluable lessons in an unforgettable environment

The North American Plone Symposium is a Plone mini-conference. It is going to be limited to less than 200 persons. The goal is to summarize the entire development and deployment experiences from the veterans, and pass on the experiences to conference attendees. Save hundreds of hours of experimentation -- learn the best practices from the pros. In the afternoons there will be lots of socializing. The conference location is at the foot of the famous Bourbon Street.

North American Plone Symposium, New Orleans, LA.

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When: July 20-22, 2005

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana The Astor Crowne Plaza

Hotel Reservations You can book your hotel by calling the Astor Crowne Plaza directly at:

C/O North America Plone Symposium Reservation Astor Crowne Plaza/Alexa Hotel Ph: 504-962-0500 Fax: 504-962-0501


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Talks by the Plone Founders — Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan

Talks by Andy McKay, Tres Seaver, Mark Hammond and other Plone/Zope/Python luminaries.

Talks by core developers: Kapil Thangavelu, Sidnei da Silva, Benjamin Saller and many more

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    • 300$ for Thursday and Friday Talks
    • 500$ for Wednesday Tutorials and Thursday/Friday Talks


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What's It About?

The first North American Plone symposium is dedicated to users, developers and support staff using the Plone platform. Plone is a software stack on top of the Zope application server. Plone has attracted tens of thousands of users to the Zope application server, and now we meet to discuss our experiences with Plone and its supporting technologies, Zope and Python.

The 3 day symposium begins July 20 and ends July 22 in New Orleans, Louisiana. There will be two days of focus: In Development and In Production.