Talks focusing on development, support, and use of the Plone platform.

July 21, 2005 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM **DEVELOPMENT**

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9:00 AM **State of Plone** *Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi* Opening keynote talk on the State of Plone and it's past and present from its founders.
9:45 AM **SOAP Integration with Zope** *Benjamin Saller* Web Services integration into Plone. Discussion will revolve around strategy, implementation and implications of this technology. What is and is not appropriate for web services is also covered. 9:45 AM **Plone in the Enterprise** *Bryan Simmons* General Physics has enjoyed great success using Plone as a platform for providing enterprise solutions. Discussion will center on our experience using a service-based open-source business model.
11:00 AM ** Tabajara, a Taxonomy Builder ** *Chalu Kim* Large organizations are looking for mechanisms to easily manage taxonomies and site structure. This module is used in such organizations as World Bank and Actor’s fund of America. 11:00 AM **Case Study: Rosetta Archive** *Whit Morriss* The Rosetta Project aspires to collect data for all human languages. Whit will show off the new site and discuss it's construction. Highlights will include peeks at emerging technologies and insight into old ones.
11:45 AM **PlonePAS, User Authentication** *J. Cameron Cooper* The Pluggable Auth Service is an exciting new auth source for Zope-based apps. Cameron will discuss the PAS architecture, its use in Plone, how PAS figures into the future, and several PAS setups. 11:45 AM **Entransit Frontends** *Zvi Boshernitzan, Brice Cave, Paul Tindall* Quick description of front ends that are available for Entransit. PHP/mod_python/Java and .NET frontends will be presented.
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM **Five - Zope 2 & Zope 3 in Harmony** *Sidnei da Silva* After having deployed the first Five application in production, Sidnei da Silva has quite a bit of experience with both: Zope 2, Zope 3 and the glue that binds them - Five. Learn what benefits you can gain from Five - TODAY - 2:00 PM **Marketing Workshop** *Christopher Johnson* Actively building out collateral for use by Plone companies and the new initiative. Will use the Case Studies first to build out material then move on to messaging and other needs of Plone.NET. Hopefully Joel Burton, Porter Novelli, Nate Aune and Whit will be involved in this workshop.
2:45 PM **Win32 and Zope** *Mark Hammond* Describes win32com and integration points for Zope. Microsoft offers many rich services that can be leveraged from inside of Plone. The developer of the python win32com will present his ideas and experiences. 2:45 PM **Marketing Workshop** *Christopher Johnson* Continuation of the marketing workshop.
4:00 PM **Zelenium** *Tres Seaver* Testing web applications is a daunting and time consuming task. The author of the CMF framework, Tres Seaver will present his integration with Thoughtworks, Selenium framework. This integration will simplify testing web applications so that business and QA users will be able to be productive in writing tests for delivered applications. 4:00 PM **Mozilla/XUL with Plone** *Calvin Hendryx-Parker* Calvin will share his experiences developing and integrating into Plone rich cross platform interfaces using the Mozilla suite of XUL, RDF, WebDAV and XML-RPC.

July 22, 2005 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM **PRODUCTION**

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9:00 AM **ZODB Tips and Tricks** *Chris McDonough* This session will include an introduction to ZODB as it might be used outside Zope including a demonstration. Also discussed will be upcoming ZODB features: including blob support and cross-database references. 9:00 AM **Case Study: Oxfam America** *Alan Runyan* Oxfam America moved to a Plone based system and have seen immediate ROI. Plone and NGO goals align naturally. First large website to use Five/Plone.
9:45 AM **Illustration Types in Plone** *Jeff Pittman* Archetypes-based illustration types for presentation of custom graphics are described. These types exemplify rendering to SVG and to the image formats targeted by ReportLab. 9:45 AM **Case Study: University of North Carolina** *Charlie Hitlin, Kapil Thangavelu* Together, the UNC School of Medicine and CIGNEX have created a site that allows the faculty and coordinators to manage their complex curriculum needs through the web, and deliver value to the students and other users of the site.
11:00 AM **CMFDeployment** *Kapil Thangavelu* A product for separating a CMS from content delivery and consumption. Presentation will focus on use cases, and architecture along with plone examples and considerations for use 11:00 AM **Open Source Licenses** *Ron Chichester* Ron will discuss open source licensing issues as they relate to Plone and to Plone products. Specifically, Ron will address the characterizations of works under the US Copyright Act and how they trigger provisions in, for example, the GNU Public License.
11:45 AM **ArchGenXML/UML and Plone** *Nate Aune* Using the Poseidon UML modeling tool and ArchGenXML, we will show how to create a Plone product in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code. 11:45 PM **Outside Perspective: Plone as CMS** *Paul Tindall* Paul Tindall is the Chief Technology Officer for a leading Documentum, Interwoven, and Vignette integrator in Texas. He has written a book and numerous Java related articles on J2EE development. Having been involved with Zope/Plone very little, he brings an interesting perspective on where he thinks Plone can play in the enterprise.
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM **Caching Strategies** *Geoff Davis* Discussion of caching strategies using Apache (mod_cache), IIS (Enfold Proxy) and Squid. Recipes, HOWTOs and experience drawn on by implementing proxies and caches in production environment will be shared. 2:00 PM **Branding and Community Engagement** *Dr. Paul Dholakia* Many OSS projects face challenges associated with creating a coherent and effective brand. This talk will provide an introduction to best practices in branding in OSS projects. The role of an engaged developer and user community in enhancing brands will be discussed.
2:45 PM **Collective Overview** *Andy McKay* Continuing where Geoff David and Alexander Limi left off as a lightning talk in 2003, an evaluation of very useful collective products that have a sense of stability will be accounted for. What makes a good product and quality in the present and future should look like. 2:45 PM **Case Study: A Major Medical Association** *Ken Wasetis* Ken Wasetis will describe the collaboration portal requirements of a major medical association, and why Plone was chosen over highly-touted commercial tools as a solution.
4:00 PM **Lightning Talks** *Everybody* Lightning Talks gives you 5 mins to say briefly something that has excited about Zope, Plone or Python. A quick paced, light hearted chance to hear each other. But beware the gong... if you wish to participate please head over to the "mailing list":"mailing list": and specify what you would like to talk about in your 5 minutes in front of the conference. 4:00 PM **Plone as Social Software and Ambient Art** *Laura Trippi* A meditation on Plone against the backdrop of the work and ideas of the Russian Constructivist architect and painter, El Lissitzky, and the Dutch painter, Mondrian, for whom the future of art lay in dissolving art objects into dynamic social space.