Conference Tutorials

There will be one day with two track of tutorials on July 20th

**Track 1**

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9AM **Hands On: Building Extranets** *Rob Miller* After building the extranet for the Burning Man event and several years of Zope experience - Rob Miller is eager to pass on his strategy. Particapants will start from a base Plone installation and build a Extranet through the presentation. At the end of the tutorial; participants will have a working Plone powered extranet.
1PM **Hands On: Building a Deployment System** *Alan Runyan* or *Sidnei da Silva* Entransit is a open source deployment system whose aim is simple: deploy content from Zope/Plone to a remote machine which will then be transformed into RDBMS records and XML on the filesystem - transactionally! Use the deployed content in PHP/Java/Perl/ASP.NET/Python. Working reference implementations in PHP/Java/Python will be provided. **This talk may be split with CMFDeployment, another deployment strategy/product**

**Track 2**

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9AM **Best Practices: Plone Development** *Presenter: Joel Burton* This tutorial covers the techniques you need to become a professional web site developer: building Plone site using filesystem development, using version control with Plone, debugging, writing test cases, and more. Case studies of real site development will be covered.
1PM **Hands On: Working with Plone's Layouts and User Interface Design Guidelines** *Alexander Limi* Tips and Tricks on skinning a Plone site and building User Interfaces for your applications. Basic CSS knowledge recommended. Let Alexander Limi guide you through skinning Plone and introducing participants to key usability guidelines. Avoid confusing usability mistakes.