Plone Symposium New Orleans 2005: Registration Opens

New Orleans, LA. July 20-22 in the heart of the French Quarter.Learn about design, development and deployment techniques. UsingPlone or Zope in a production environment? The Plone Symposiumis the must-attend event of the year.

Almost two years have passed since the first Plone Conference in New Orleans. Developers have been deploying Plone for many different industries, vertical applications, and large public websites. The Plone Symposium is a formal organization of the leading minds in the Zope/Plone communities to share their experiences and pass on the information to the participants of the conference. After the success of the first and second Plone conferences; the Plone Symposium offers a regional opportunity to learn first hand from the instructors and developers with vast experience. The Plone Symposium is a regional event split into three days. The first day is focused on Tutorials. The second day is devoted to the development and design methodologies for the Zope application framework and the Plone Content Management System. The final day revolves around case studies, deployment and configuration management issues. 9AM-5PM each day in the beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans. "Plone Symposium New Orleans 2005 Page":/events/regional/nola05 Participants Feel intimidated at large technology conferences? The Plone Symposium is meant to be a intimate conference focused on social interaction. The goal is for users and developers of Plone to ask the experts face-to-face questions. **There are no stupid questions**. After going to conferences for many years - we believe we have struck the perfect balance. The focus on socializing; having breaks between speakers and social events at the end of the day - gives participants a chance to meet everyone. New Orleans is a very hospitable town. We want to extend the feeling to the symposium. Presentations during the day and social oriented evening events. There will be a party at the famous Maple Leaf. Homes to a great poet, "Everette Maddox": and the great Jazz/Blues pianist "James Booker": - lots to do while meeting some of the most interesting people in the world. One thing I have noticed is that in the Plone/Zope communities I have found very few computer science majors. Most of the people come from the most varied backgrounds. It makes for great discussion and intriguing presentations. "Register now, don't miss out": Speakers Alan Runyan has emailed quite a few speakers privately and is compiling a list of speakers. It is possible that we will have two tracks on the conference talk days. But it depends on *you* — the presenter. If we get enough quality presentations submitted we will think about opening a second track. Ideally one would be focused on "entry/business" level consulting and the second track could focus on the deeper technology interests. But as with the first Plone Conference in New Orleans - having a widely varying presentation keeps people interested and on their toes. Presenters will have free admissions to all three days of the conference. And you get a cool badge ;) Please join the Symposium speaker list, "Symposium mailing list": **Presentation submission deadlines are due by May 25th** For more info, visit the "Plone Symposium New Orleans 2005 Page": - see you in New Orleans!

To learn more about how a Symposium differs from the Plone Conference, visit the "regional events area":/events/regional. This is not a replacement for the official Plone Conference, which will happen this autumn in Vienna. Dates for this event will follow.