Nominations for the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Alexander Limi

Founder of Plone, also works on the Firefox User Experience team. Previous vice-president of the board, and involved in the overall direction of Plone’s future.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Father, Dreamer, Adventurer, Technologist, Programmer, Active Plone Community Member and Evangelist.

Jon Stahl

Strategy guy at Groundwire. PF Secretary, 2007-2008; President, 2008-2009. Plone Conference 2006 organizer.

Mark Corum

Writer, marketer, political consultant, educator, designer, and Plone evangelist. Current member of the board.

Matt Hamilton

Plone consultant and integrator. Plone and OSS evangelist. Plone Conference 2010 Organiser. Director of Netsight, UK. Current board member.

Roberto Allende

Plone entrepreneur, trainer and evangelist, creator of the World Plone Day. Current board member.

Steve McMahon

Plone consultant, integrator and developer. Current board secretary.