Alexander Limi

Founder of Plone, also works on the Firefox User Experience team. Previous vice-president of the board, and involved in the overall direction of Plone’s future.

- Plone is in an exciting position, and ready to grow its audience with the new capabilities of Plone 4 and the upcoming Plone 5 — and I believe I'm in a good position to help us expand our market. - I'd like to stay on the board for another term to ensure continuity from the previous boards. - The board's main focus has shifted to the marketing of Plone, I'd like to continue work in this area. Community accomplishments so far - Helped get the current marketing plan in place. - Helped bootstrap the original board. - Led the trademark committee through its first term, securing the Plone trademarks thanks to the great people that helped out. - Helped make the one-stop shop for Plone providers and site listings. Seconded by -- Geir Bækholt