Plone Foundation Board Nominations Closed

The nomination process has been open for the last week and has resulted in 15 valid nominations for this years Plone Foundation Board elections.

During the last week the following people have shown an interest in becoming part of the next Plone Foundation Board:

  • Aaron VanDerlip
  • Alexander Limi
  • Andy McKay
  • Darci Hanning
  • David Siedband
  • Fabio Rizzo Matos
  • Francesco Ciriaci
  • Geir Bækholt
  • Jan Murre
  • Jean-Paul Ladage
  • Nate Aune
  • Paul Everitt
  • Richard Amerman
  • Sasha Vinčić
  • Spanky

For a more detailed description of the motivations and goals of the individual nominees, please have a look at the nominations.

Among these nominees the Plone Foundation members will elect seven people to form the next Plone Foundation Board. The voting process will be open until Wednesday, October 25 and the result will be announced during this years Plone Conference in Seattle.

If you have questions around the voting process, please contact either Godefroid Chapelle or Hanno Schlichting.