A Second Beta for Plone 2.5

Another beta release of 2.5 is ready for testing

A Video Podcast About Plone

A Video Podcast About Plone

iqplusplus starts Plone Impressions - A Video Podcast About Plone.

Anti-spam measures in effect on all Plone mailing lists

Recent changes to the Plone mailing lists may require setup adjustments if you are posting via mail or Google Groups.

Archipelago Sprint Radio

Daily 5-minute bulletins from the Plone sprint in Norway

The Archipelago Sprint, sponsorship and Plone 3.0

The Archipelago Sprint, sponsorship and Plone 3.0

The Archipelago Sprint in Norway is getting closer, and it promises to be an exciting and productive meeting of the minds that power Plone.

Zope Developers Camp 2006 Winter in Japan

Zope Developers Camp 2006 Winter in Japan

Zope Developer Camp 2006 Winter - the Show sprint in Japan - will be held in Shiga plateau in Nagano. This event is to grow population of Zope developers and energize Japanese Zope scene.

Zope Hotfix Installers Released

Thanks to the folks at Enfold Systems and Kamal Gill, users of the Plone installers now have a simple method of applying the recent Zope hotfix.

Save the Date: Washington, DC Plone Bootcamp: May 22-26

Joel Burton and ZPUGDC (the Zope/Python Users Group of DC) are announcing the second "Washington, DC Plone Bootcamp". Plone Bootcamps are the infamous week-long, extremely-value-priced developer courses to learn to use and develop for Plone.

Urgent Zope Security Hotfix (CVE-2006-3458)

A patch has been created for an Zope vulnerability which affects Plone. Please download and install it.

Vancouver Python Workshop

Building on the huge success of the 2004 Vancouver Python Workshop, the Vancouver Python and Zope User Group is pleased to announce the 2006 Vancouver Python Workshop.

Vancouver User Group

New user group looking for members!

Video-Report on the Belgium Plone Meeting Dec 2005 (2nd part) now available

Video-Report on the Belgium Plone Meeting Dec 2005 (2nd part) now available

See what was going on in Brussels on Dec 7th 2005. Featuring talks and interviews with Xavier Heymans, Paul Everitt and Godefroid Chapelle.

Vote for Plone in the '06 Open Source CMS Awards (Updated)

Plone is a top five finalist in the Packt Publishing 2006 Open Source Content Management System Awards. And Plone needs your vote.

Windows Nightly Binaries

After weeks of tweaks it seems that Windows binaries for both upcoming releases, 2.1.3 and 2.5 of the Plone CMS are ready. These binaries are built from SVN each night; so as bugs get fixed in SVN they will be available in the next build cycle.

Security: Zope 2.8 hotfix released

If you are still running Zope 2.8.x on your servers, a new potential information disclosure exploit was recently discovered and fixed.

SUSE Linux installer for Plone 2.5.1 available

A note to those of you running Plone on SUSE Linux, the Plone 2.5.1 installer is now available.

The Best Open Source CMS Award 2006

Packt Publishing has launched a new award for the title of best open source Content Management System, 2006.

Upgrade of plone.org this weekend

If you see any downtime or slow-downs on the site this weekend, it's just our upgrade gnomes doing their work.

Share Your Enterprise Plone Deployment Story… Win an iPod!

This is your chance to win an entry to the panel discussion on “Plone and Large Enterprises” at the 2006 Plone conference.

STUDENTS: Sign up for Summer of Code by Monday May 8th!

Google Summer of Code is your chance to make Plone better and earn $4,500 in the process! However, we need student applications by Monday May 8th.

Recent web site slowness (Updated)

The plone.org web site is currently being hit with multiple spam requests from various sources (on the level of a DDoS attack), and we're currently cleaning up the mischief.

Redomino Plone Tour 2006

From March 2006, Redomino will organize training courses across Italy to introduce Plone 2.1 features and potentials.

Russian Plone users&developers mailinglist

There's a new Russian-language mailinglist for plone users and developers.

ploneTV: Interview with Philipp von Weitershausen and CacheFu Screencast

ploneTV: Interview with Philipp von Weitershausen and CacheFu Screencast

Philipp von Weitershausen was interviewed by Christian Scholz at EuroPython 2006.

ploneTV on the air!

ploneTV on the air!

The first episodes of ploneTV have been released and feature the Plone archipelago sprint