presentation materials

Best Practices of Plone Development

Joel Burton's popular 'Best Practice's tutorial held at the Symposium.


Most of Bling! presentation was a live demo of the prototype and Plone UI integration. Although the Bling! project's logo deserves Logo of the Year

Debugging Strategies

Cameron Cooper describes debugging strategies in Python, Zope and Plone. If you are a developer and do not understand the principles in this presentation THOROUGHLY you are still a beginning developer on the Plone platform.

Make Plone Go Fast!

Use CacheFu to Make Your Site Fly by Geoff Davis

Alternative Templating in Zope

Chris McDonough talks about alternative templating strategies in Zope 2. His focus is on the meld rewrite which is a fast, simple, concise templating language.

Non Profits and Repeatable Success

Explanation of how and why Non Government Organizations (NGOs) can use Plone and why it matters to them

CMF 2.0

Tres Seaver, architect of CMF describes what features and fixes will be involved in the CMF 2.0 line and how Zope 3 components will make life much easier than it is in the CMF 1.x series.

Open Source CMS Landscape

Seth will talk about how Open Source fits into traditional IT departments, their reaction to Open Source solutions, and what FOSS software offerings are catching IT's eye. In addition, he will discuss how Plone fits into this environment and IT department's expectations.


Presentation on Skeletor by Whit Morris