Evaluation results from Plone Conference 2006

Agenda Suggestions

We asked: Any other comments on the agenda? Again, we're especially interested in advice we can pass on to future conference organizers.

General comments

We asked: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your experience at Plone Conference 2006?

Things We Learned About Running a Plone Conference

Learnings from Plone Conference 2006, for the benefit of future Plone community event organizers.

Logistics suggestions

We asked: Do you have any other comments related to conference logistics? We're especially interested in things that future conference organizers should definitely repeat or definitely avoid.

Overall Conference Evaluation

Overall conference evaluation results. 91% of respondents thought the conference was "very good" or "excellent." :-)

Pre-Conference Survey

Results from the pre-conference survey used to plan Plone Conference 2006