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We asked: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your experience at Plone Conference 2006?

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Rock on

Thank you!

Well done :-)

It sold me on using this product and the possiblilies of making this work for a nonprofit organization. I felt excited and energized.

It was more like going to camp then just a conference. I made new friends, felt a part of a great community, and got a t-shirt too!

i can't express how impressed i was with the organization of the events. The only thing i would consider adding is a full on BOF slot, b/c everyone could benefit from networking within their sectors. It was really hard to choose btw the lightening talks and the BOFs.

Plone is wonderful - but in next conferences instead of focusing on people who are already using the product you should do more marketing to convince people who are new to Plone - who are thinking of using Plone. A great marketing session would be one during which you have the participants donwload plone and build a site with it. So people can see how easy it is. If you were not a developer, programmer, somebody already using Plone - you would feel really aliniated during this Plone conference. Also pre-conference trainings should not be in lecture. They should include more hands on practice with Plone.

Wonderful conference! Thanks to One/NW and Jon Stahl for making it a great experience.

At the risk of repeating me: Both, pre-conference classes and conference were excellent.

Thank you again to all the organizers!

It was a wonderful conference. The weather was amazing (no rain!) The bars closing at 2am was a little disappointing but we figured out a way to burn the midnight oil anyway. I loved the fact that IRC names were on the badges. I've been requesting this for a while now. But making the text light gray made it impossible to read. I think the badges could have the information organized and presented a little better. The t-shirts looked awesome as usual (thanks Alma) and i loved the fact that you guys used american apparel, nice choice! Most of the talks were kept to their time limits and i applaud that effort by the time keepers and the speakers to make this happen. Makes for a much better conference experience. I would come back to Seattle again for a conf. I would also like to see the main conf happen in New Orleans some time again. As this was it's first home. A European conf in a more accessible location than Austria would be nice too :) Congratulations on a successful conf!

My congratulation for a job well done

Thank you for the wonderful experience! I will plan on attending next year's conference, and am looking forward to being a part of the community until then.

The conference was great as always, and Jon did a great job with organizing it. Seattle had plenty to do (there wasn't even close to enough time to see it all.) The highlight for me was finally participating in a sprint. That was an awesome experience. We had almost as many sprinters as there were attendees at the first Plone conference, it seemed.

Great to see the rockstars in person ;-)

The one thing I thought would be great would be an open social event for everyone attending. It seemed like a lot of folks already knew each other and went there separate ways after the conference day was over. If there were a bar or something that was reserved for the conference attendees that anyone could attend that would be great. Thanks again for a great conference!

Absolutely amazing! Great work.

Thank you for a great time in Seattle. The ability to see fellow plonista as well as Plone users is great opportunity to reestablish oneself and feel the whole Plone development, marketing, evangerization and market gain. And again, thank you, Jon and ONE/Northwest for a great time in Seattle, m (Quintagroup).

Well done! Please bring Plone 2007 back to Seattle (or 2008 or 2009 or ...)!!


Seattle location was excellent. Just a detail for next conference in the US to happen on the east coast? Maybe it should be analized based on the attendance statistics.

It might be needed to improve on the choice of who is speaking in parallel to who, in order to avoid too many very difficult choices.

I was impressed with the caliber of speakers and the presentations made.

Thank you (again) for all the good work. Hope to see many of you again in the future.

I really enjoyed meeting the people that I either heard about, saw give screencasts, or knew from the e-mail groups. Big fan of Sean Kelly and his work, but not to lessen meeting the people who created plone, lead the foundation or have written books. Thanks to all of you.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! This conference was so well organized and it just felt like sooo much work had gone into it. It was really great, and I can't say enough good things about it.

As a result of Andy's pre-conference training, we have started to integrate unit tests into all our eduCommons code so we can do a better job of contributing back to the Plone community with more products like our Content Licensing tool. We are also forming a Utah Plone user group with some folks at and Novell. Thanks for a great conference!

It was great, kudos to the organizers! The location (Seattle) also proved to be good for us, as there were also budget accommodations available.

Eben Moglen's keynote was absolutely inspiring as was the whole conference and the sense of community! In fact this is the best thing I have been part of in many many years. Thank you.

Eben Moglen was inspiring.

Jon, you and your team did an absolutely fantastic job. The conference was near-perfect. I only wish it went on for longer! :)

Fantastic experience. I've talked to many people who said that it felt like more than just a conference. It's more like a Plone camp with adult beverages. One person even said she was 'glowing' after attending. I can't rave enough about how nice everyone was and how much fun I had. What a great community to be a part of!!

The organisers and the Plone core group was, for my standards, unprofessional in their occupation with beer drinking and talking on lack of sleeping when being outside the conference in the evenings/nights. This was usually spoken of in an amusing and joking way. The Plone core groups should be aware that this behaviour even may be offensive and signal a lack of seriosity to many attendees. Nevertheless, oppositely I personally admit that I also see this as a very social behaviour that demonstrates the strength of this community that probably arises from the enthusiasm and true engagement of the Plone system builders. It may stem from the days when the Plone conference was smaller and more intimate. In a way I hate to mention this, because I feel I take out the joy of being together in this relaxed way. For the sprints this behaviour could be more appropriate, but at the main conference with a rather broad audience and with business people, it may be strategically unwise, and it does not conform with the normal standards for international conferences. The honest statements, which I heard a couple of times, about spending no time to prepare for talks, is also somewhat offending to attendees, who have signed in expecting serious presentations, travelled a long way and payed registration fees. Believe me, I will stay a loyal Plone user and fan.

I think you have done a tremendous job. Would be happy to volunteer to help in future conferences.

Be sure wi-fi capacity is adequate. If possible, run power cords along the back edges of tables with the outlets affixed to the tops of the tables. Crawling around looking for powerstrips was merely inconvenient, but the numerous cords on the floor could be a tripping hazard. Try to get copies of presentation materials online at least concurrent with their sessions. If possible, post material a day in advance. Overall, excellently well done. Bravo!

it was a well run conference. glad it was in seattle so i could attend. immportant to bring people together to build communiy.

Food was great, but something more scalable for the late afternoon snack would be good (clusters of tables, etc...).

not really

Needed more Zope 3. Neighborhood and facility were great. Had a great time. Hard to find/keep up with people when needed.

Venue city is very important, walkability is key! Not a complaint but if by chance a venue with one sloping/good visibility seating auditorium is available it would be great for keynotes.

First conference attendance...will NOT be my last.

It was great! Can't wait for the next Plone Event.

Very excellent and organised conference. Might be better to have longer conference if the quality keeps improving

Not to slight anyone, as I give much respect to all who gave their time, however some of the speakers seemed to be on the timmid side. I found it very difficult to follow some and wound up leaving some of the tutorials. I am in no way an advanced user, nor am I a beginer, I just could not follow some of the talks due to the way they were being presented. Again much respect and love to all who gave their time and energy to this conference. I just think we need to try to liven up the talks to get more people attending and understanding. I also heard this from others that I talked to upon leaving the said tutorials.

Learning can be great fun. You guys are great!

it was really great! thanks for doing such a good job

Best damn geek conference I've ever been to (and I've been to my fair share!)

Watch out for the Germans. They really can drink anyone under the table.

Great work guys :)

Excellent job all around. Congratulations on a very, very successful conference.

Again - the food was GREAT!

Beautifully produced with professionalism and personal warmth. I hope this sets the tone for all plone conferences to come. I am proud to be a member of this esteemed community!

The sprint location was excellent.

I didn't want it to end...

Had a great time!

Excellent conference!!!

I was surprised at the diversity of attendees during the conference (diversity of sector, as well as gender), but was somewhat disapointed that this was less reflected in the post-conference sprints.

Yeah, I'd never been to Seattle before and never had any desire too. I lived in Pittsburgh for years and had the impression Seattle was Pittsburgh on Steriods. Now, I'm going to try and convince my wife we need to go to Seattle on our next vacation!


Jon and all of the organizers are to be congratulated on hosting an excellent conference! Thank you.

Still riding high after One/NW's efforts and meeting the Plone community. Ned Schumann OlympusNet

we use the word tutorial or training, but maybe there could be more 'how-to' tracks next time.

One issue I should have said elsewhere is the environmental impact of the Conference. I think we need to consider how in future we can make Plone conferences greener. I think the videoing of the sessions was a great help in this but I think more live sessions, perhaps also some of the Q&A during the sessions could be broadcast with opportunity for remote users to be able to pitch in questions via IRC. An other thought is to spin of the Conference and have two core conferences, Euro Plone and US Plone. I think the environmental costs of people flying all other the World to attend have to be taken into consideration.

Expected a lot and was delivered even more. Excellent work by the organizers and presenters.

It was a fantastic time! I wish I'd socialized more and gotten to know more people in the community, but maybe next time. :) I'm now far more excited about being a part of this group and seeing what I can contribute in the future.

I had a great time, thank you!

It was a great time! Jon did an awesome job and I've never seen a cooler Plone tshirt!

It was awesome!

Heartless Bastards at the Tractor Tavern rocked. Almost as moving as Eben Moglen, at a more visceral level.

Thank you for hosting in Seattle!

Great job! The bar is now set quite high for future events. Good luck to whoever has to follow Jon Stahl and ONE/Northwest.