Minutes for June 29, 2017

Meeting called to order at 19:07 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Kim Nguyen, Carol Ganz, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Philip Bauer

Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of June 14

Alexander moved to approve, Paul seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Windows Installer - The fundraising campaign reached its target!
  • GSOC Payments - Jen has been taking care of things, we are good to go
  • Accessibility Meetup Paul attended this and said it was nice, his lightning talk was well received. He also learned a lot about accessibility.
  • The Annual meeting of the German Universities using Plone that Alexander attended went well. Some Universities are working on moving to Plone 5. Kim requested more information to put into a news post.

New Business

  • Wildcard Sponsorship Proposal - Wildcard has requested premium sponsorship in exchange for various time and services. Tabled for now until the request is cleaned up, we will revisit in two weeks.
  • Board renewal cycle - Paul has some tasks to work on for this.
  • Funding for GSOC student travel to Plone Conference - We want to offer the opportunity to the students early about attending so they would have time to plan if they are interested. Paul noted we can apply for $500 from Google for students who successfully completed their projects to attend.  We can also request for sponsorship opportunities. It will be discussed more at the sprint next week.
  • Plone Conference 2017 - 40 Tickets have been sold, but ticket purchases have slowed down. Victor and Kim discussed marketing efforts that can be made to keep active on social media. A push also needs to be made for the talk proposals. Training team will have a meeting next week.

Continued Business

  • EuroPython - Ready to go!
  • Plone 5.1 - There will be discussions at the sprint next week
  • GSOC - First review period is this week. Everyone is still on track.

Review Ongoing

  • The Windows installer money from the fundraising will be paid to Kyle in 3 payments, for each milestone. The first will be immediate. Second will be when features are complete and installer runs correctly. Final payment will be when documentation is complete, and the installer has been handed off to the community.
  • We have been notified that Jean Ferri is very ill with cancer in the hospital.
  • Had a discussion on a React sprint and possible locations.

Alexander moved to adjourn, Kim seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:12 UTC