Meeting Minutes

The minutes from Plone Foundation board meetings
Minutes for January 21, 2016
Minutes for January 7, 2016
Minutes for December 22, 2015
Minutes for December 10, 2015
Minutes for November 24, 2015
Minutes for November 12, 2015
Approval of the Membership Committee, Discussion of goals for the year
Minutes for October 29, 2015
First meeting of the new board: appointment of officers and liaisons
Minutes for October 1, 2015
New PF members, conference preparations, Plone 5 release review, end of 2015 board
Minutes for September 17, 2015
Annual meeting preparations; Conference planning updates; Plone 5.
Minutes for September 3, 2015
Annual meeting preparations; Conference planning updates; Plone 5 preparations
Minutes for August 20, 2015
Theming sprint and CMS garden brochure sponsorships; Annual meeting preparation; Bucharest updates; Plone 5 launch preparation
Minutes for August 6, 2015
Minutes for July 9, 2015
Community award ideas, launch team report, Bucharest update, EuroPython update
Minutes for June 25, 2015
Tokyo, new sponsorship category, Bucharest update, PSU web conference report
Minutes for June 11, 2015
Lots of progress updates; little new business
Minutes for May 28, 2015
Minutes for May 14, 2015
New PF members, strategic summit followup, sponsorship policies and procedures, trademark renewals, EuroPython preparations
Minutes for April 30, 2015
Release team formed, strategic summit followup, Bucharest and EuroPython preparations.
Minutes for April 16, 2015
PLOG/Strategic Summit, PyCon report outs; basic sponsorship pricing; EuroPython preparations; Conference planning
Minutes for April 2, 2015
Summit, EuroPython, PyCon planning. Sprint funding requests.