Minutes for October 4, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors

meeting starts at 22:06 CET




  • attendance:
    Érico, Carol, Matt, Maurizio, Sjoerd, Paul, Geir
  • approval of the minutes of September 20th, 2012:
    Érico moves to approve the minutes, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous approval


New Business


  • Trademark alert
    We've received a trademark alert. However, the logo used by a japanese hardware manufacturer is sufficiently different from ours, and the company involved is not active in software, so there is no trademark violation.
  • New Board
    As of this moment, there are only 7 people who have nominated themselves, for 7 positions. We'll try tweeting and various other channels to raise interest.
  • Sponsorships discussion
    The board discusses various issues around sponsorship, both on how we can increase the amount of money coming in and in making clearer what the benefits are, i.e. what companies are getting in return for this. The strategic sprint funding ties into this.
    Since this is the last meeting of this board, no decisions are made, but we'll carry this over to the next Board.


Old Business


  • Ploneconf 2013 call for proposals
    No official proposals have been received yet. According to the call for proposals schedule, people have until November 11th, 2012 to submit their proposal.
  • Plone Conference update
    There is very much going on right now, the conference is just a few days away so preparations are in full swing.
    The mobile app is ready, and a very useful tool.
    There will be beerglasses, and thanks to sponsors also something to fill them with. T-shirts, posters, other goodies have arrived.
    There will be live streaming of video, plus recording on harddisk, for later uploading to video site(s).
  • Plone.com development/discussion
    The momentum is still there, people are working on it.
    Design has now started in earnest as well.
    There will be both a sprint and an openspace at the Conference.
  • Plone logo violation issue
    The lawyers have been asked to send letters to stop this violation.
  • Annual Meeting
    The reporting has finished, after a few layout touchups it will go out this weekend to the Membership.