Minutes for September 20, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors

meeting starts at 22:03 CET



  • attendance:
    Matt, Carol, Sjoerd, Érico, Maurizio, Geir, Paul
  • Approval of the Minutes of September 6, 2012:
    Érico moves to approve, Carol seconds. Unanimous approval.


New Business


  • UI Sprint funding request:
    Work in progress, tabled for further discussion.
  • Recommendations for Membership
    The Board has received recommendations to let four new Members into the Plone Foundation. As is usual, we make separate motions on them.
    Nejc Zupan: Paul moves to approve, Érico seconds. Unanimous
    Sjoerd van Elferen: Érico moves to approve, Carol seconds. Sjoerd abstains, for obvious reasons. Motion carries.
    Jean Ferri: Sjoerd moves to approve, Carol seconds. Unanimous approval.
    Nathan Van Gheem: Carol moves to approve, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.
    Welcome to Nejc, Sjoerd, Jean and Nathan !
  • Plone Awards
    Guido Stevens has pulled off a lot of work, and a beautiful site, at http://ploneawards.com/
    The Board welcomes this initiative, and will help it where possible.
  • PyCon USA
    The deadline for submissions for PyCon 2013 is already looming, at the 28th of september, they run a very early schedule.
    Matt will let the Membership know, to try to get more Plone and Plone-related talks in.


Old Business


  • Plone Conference 2013 Call for Proposals
    The call has gone out, the schedule is set, let the proposals come in!
  • Plone Conference 2012 update
    There will be a Plone Boat, which we hope many people will enjoy.
    The Internet is up and running. The speed-tests were off the scales...
    The conference will be designated a Fair Trade Conference!
    There were some issues with the payment provider, a workaround has been widely communicated.
    All other preparations are going well.
  • plone.com progress
    There is a fair amount of activity, although it is also a juggling act to keep moving forward at steady speed without rushing.
  • Potential trademark violation
    Matt needs to get in touch with the legal people.
  • Plone Foundation annual meeting
    The preparations are taking place on the reporting, that should be ready by our next meeting.
  • 60th Plone Tune-Up
    Around 30 people have pledged to contribute, it looks set to be a very good Tune-Up.

Carol moves to adjourn, Sjoerd seconds, unanimous


meeting closes at 23:31